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Why HR: When do I need a people manager?

Applications are getting left behind. 
Or possibly already piling up in your email inbox. You might think to yourself, "Well, new applications keep coming in, so it's not that urgent." Let me tell you: good candidates never stay on the job market for long. If you're not fast enough, someone else will be for sure. That's why you should respond to applications promptly. And if you don't have the time, hire someone who does.

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Attraction, recruitment, onboarding: how to attract top talent

The employee lifecycle refers to all the stages that employees pass through in an organization. It begins with presenting the company as an attractive employer on the job market in order to attract the attention of talented employees. It continues with recruitment and onboarding. In the first part of our series of articles "The 7 Stages of the Employee Lifecycle", you can find out what is important in these first three stages of the employee lifecycle.

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People Management

3 steps to a successful people strategy

A good people strategy is a framework, a vision, and a set of goals with specific actions that revolve around employees. Among other things, it is about fostering engagement and retention, identifying needed competencies, and attracting new talent. Above all, however, it is about shaping an appreciative and positive corporate culture. With a result that impacts productivity: People who feel seen and valued, and enjoy working in a company are proven to work better. 

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