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People shape companies. They are the ones who ensure success, make healthy growth possible, create positive work experiences and initiate necessary changes.

Surrounded by complex environments, companies must have one characteristic in particular that guarantees future viability: continuous adaptability.

We reflect this adaptability in our consulting approach and build the secure framework for speed and growth. To this end, we set up clear and scalable structures that fit both the people and the specific circumstances. Agile processes go hand in hand here with a positive corporate culture. We know: Only then can a company enter the next phases with its full strength.

The goal of our work is to advise companies so well and sustainably that they subsequently have the tools and methods to continuously develop their processes and structures themselves in line with their organizational goals and challenges.


Successful organizations that operate in alignment with their goals and the needs of their teams. Organizations that are built to withstand difficult times, provide a healthy work environment and enable professional collaboration in a positive atmosphere. This is the vision that drives us.

Our Team

We are duple.

The term duple [ˈdjuːpl] comes from music and describes a two-beat. In our consulting, we provide impulses and sometimes the necessary tempo to enable our clients to develop their companies into harmonious overall compositions and thereby unfold their full potential. The "up" stands for our services and our brand promise: unfolding potential – transforming business. unfolding potential – transforming business.

Dr. Adiba Maignan
[a'diːba mɛɲɑ̃]

As Head of People & Culture, Adiba was responsible for helping build an ed tech company - from the ground up. She oversaw the composition and development of the HR department and team, as well as the implementation of all HR and feedback processes and a recruiting framework. Working closely with the founders, she also gained valuable experience in organizational design and the continuous development of the leadership team.

A few years later, Adiba brought her expertise as a co-founder to a tech school that trains talent for different digital companies. This was able to benefit not only from her knowledge of all the intricacies of HR - such as the implementation of HR processes and the strategic development of recruiting - but also from her experience in organization building, team composition and sustainable development of the management level.

At the same time, Adiba was looking for further challenges - and found them at Humboldt University, where she earned her doctorate in education.

In order to keep herself up to date, network, educate herself and let others benefit from her experience, she co-founded an HR association. Here she organized networking events, booked speakers, successfully solicited sponsorships, and supervised and moderated regular HR get-togethers.

These are the core questions that have shaped Adiba's professional path in various digital companies: 

How do we set up structures that enable sustainable growth? How do we establish holistic and professional HR work that can withstand strong pressure to change? How do we implement corporate goals while taking the entire team with us?


Julia Loske
[ˈjulia ˈloskə]

At a startup investor and media company, Julia was the first HR manager in the company to build up all topics concerning the People & Culture area: from processes to organizational structures to further development concepts. She was also responsible for administrative issues and recruiting. In short: Her career start after her master's degree in intercultural management and communication went directly from zero to one hundred. As an in-house consultant for the portfolio companies of an international media group, she subsequently gained extensive experience as a consultant on strategic or very operational changes. To this day, she finds the diversity of her work as a consultant and the constant immersion and familiarization with specific industries incredibly enriching.

In order to be able to accompany organizations and teams even better, she decided to complete a 18-month advanced training course as a systemic organizational consultant. There she was able to immensely expand her skills as a facilitator and moderator for change projects and also learn the approaches of systemic coaching through a focus on coaching methods.

After leaving the corporate environment, she brought these methodological skills paired with many years of operational experience as a human resources manager to organizations and teams both in the growth-driven environment of the startup scene and with medium-sized companies in the DACH region as an interim manager and consultant. As an excellent networker and co-founder of an HR association, she complements duple with diverse customer segments. With Adiba and the foundation of duple, Julia has built her professional home port.

These questions drive Julia in her daily work:

How do we develop organizations sustainably in times of continuous change?
How do we build an organizational culture that offers individual development opportunities?
How do we create value-creating and appreciative corporate cultures?


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