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We assess strengths and make potential visible.

Knowing what is possible

With duple check-up we make visible where your organization currently stands and where there is still potential that can be activated. We take a close look at: How "healthy" is your company? What is the status of the people area? How well does the leadership team function? How do your employees interact with each other? How agile are the existing processes and structures? And what scalability is possible? Together, we will find the right answers to these questions and advise you on the next steps.

We know how much influence people and the established corporate culture have on the success of a company. That's why we support you with a comprehensive check-up, consisting of an assessment of the management levels as well as a detailed analysis of the entire Employee Life Cycle.

Healthy foundation and room for improvement

Target group

You are an investor, founder, managing director or team leader. You realize that business success depends on critical factors: an adaptable, strategically thinking and professional management, a people unit that realizes its potential, and processes and structures that can respond to change.

Clear vision ahead

Target picture

duple check-up is about the status quo. Together we find answers to the questions: What are the individual strengths and potentials of the founders and management teams? What kind of team dynamics can you observe? How well is the team prepared for growth and change? This also includes defining the processes and structures needed for scalability. We identify the organization's strengths, its untapped potential, as well as current and future risks due to its organizational structure. And we develop concrete suggestions on what can be improved.


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