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Every idea needs people to implement it. As a boutique consultancy that puts people at the center, we focus on one thing above all else: people. An organization is only as good as the interaction of its teams. Just like a well-matched orchestra, in which the musicians show the best of their respective professions - and at the same time true harmony can be heard in the overall composition, because everyone trusts in the others. We have geared our services to this "orchestra work". Whether a tech startup or a medium-sized company: we are experienced in a wide variety of corporate cultures and environments. Learn more about our services here.

duple dynamic [daɪˈnæmɪk]


Changes are coming for your company or you are already in the middle of transformation? That's why you want an objective analysis of your organizational structure and internal processes? An external view for your opportunities, unused potentials and possible risks? Operationally experienced consultants who work out solutions for your current challenges and create a picture of the future for your current and prospective team together with you?

We accompany you and your team in the challenging and dynamic phases of change. We work with you to develop the individual and clear framework you need to implement your entrepreneurial goals – and then achieve them together as a team.

duple professional [prəˈfeʃənəl]


You have started well. Now you are growing as an organization. What you need is a professional people department as a foundation for your growth? A people management that focuses on your team and your values?

We support you from the very beginning. Whether with an analysis of the organization along the employee life cycle or operational support: for example, in the pre-selection and introduction of suitable tools, the development of an individual recruiting process that fits your employer brand and corporate vision, or for specific training of all employees in the area of people management.

duple check-up [ˈtʃɛkap]


You want to know how effectively, strategically and professionally your management team works? What is the potential of the people area and how does the team support the success of your company? What scalability is possible? And how dynamically are the existing processes and structures able to react to growth or change?

We provide you with a clear change roadmap by analyzing all parts of the Employee Lifecycle, pinpointing the strengths and risks of the people area and developing proposals for unlocking the potential within the company.

duple indiviual [ˌɪndɪˈvɪʤuəl]


Your company is growing and you could use all of our services? Some more urgently than others? Or just a certain component - for now? Maybe you have a completely different idea, what exactly can help you individually. 

In any case, one thing is clear: You want to get started, analyze something in-depth, reorganize it or build it up differently. To do this, you want an outside view. Our view.


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